Extract from the serie Vanités, 2016 ; Self-portrait with a mask, 2022.

Self-portrait with glove, 2017. Blue back poster, 110 x 165 cm.
Created during the Encounters of Young International Photography, CACP Villa Pérochon, Niort, France.

“A world that always seems to elude us, where familiar landmarks give way to a feeling of anxiety, where dreams and nightmares come to get lost and merge.”“Un monde qui semble toujours nous échapper, où les repères familiers laissent place à un sentiment d’inquiétude, où rêves et cauchemars viennent se perdre et se confondre.” Prudence Audié

Mirror Portrait, 2018 ; The Blue Escape, 2015 ; Eva, 2022. 

From the serie Persona, 2018. 12 fine art prints, 15 x 22,5 cm

Extract from the serie Vanités, 2016 ; Persona, 2018 ; Icon, 2017. 

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